Pullman Washington Artwalk

Pullman Artwalk

If you happen to be in the Pullman, Washington area this Friday the 19th be sure to check out Pullman’s Artwalk (Facebook page here).  I will be displaying pieces, large and small, at Cafe Moro.

And thanks to everyone who visited the Artwalk in Moscow a few weeks ago!



Beetle Kill Pine

I love beetle kill pine wood, not for the reason it exists (beetles devastating forests), but for the unique nature of the wood (blue stains…see previous post here).

While I built a few pieces using some beetle kill pine while I live in Colorado, now that I’m in the NW my supply is nonexistent.  Still, it’s great to see what others are creating from it and you’re seeing it turn up everywhere from home furniture to businesses.

Checkout Azure Furniture Company in Denver for some great furniture using beetle kill pine.  They just don’t include the skis.

The Windom End Table