SIA Ski Recycling Program

Building furniture from skis apparently isn’t the only way to recycle old skis. SIA (Snowsports Industries America) has been rolling out a recycling program that is currently available in Denver, Reno, and Salt Lake City. For more information, visit their website and checkout the video below. Now I just need to find a way toContinue reading “SIA Ski Recycling Program”

Superheroes of Stoke and Old Head Skis

‘Tis the season for ski/snowboard films. Recently checked out MSP’s Superheroes of Stoke, which followed the progression of skiing over the last 20 years. As you can imagine, a lot of old skis in there, some of which I recognized from recent projects. At minute 0:59, for instance, the pair of Head skis that IContinue reading “Superheroes of Stoke and Old Head Skis”