Store back up and running for the holidays

The What we make page has been updated to show currently available products. Business card holders, wine holders, and coat racks can be purchased online.  When you do, I will confirm which specific one you would like before shipping.

Tables, sandwich board signs, and other large items are always custom order.


Items go quick this time of year so order soon!

Beetle kill pine ski table

The most recent table creation, and one I’ve been wanting to do for a while.  I did some past pieces out of blue stain pine (i.e. beetle kill wood), but never a table.

I also dropped the ski top further down and added a recessed glass top to give it an even more finished look (and easier top to clean).

As always, contact me for pricing and ordering information.

BS Pine Table-2

BS Pine Table-7

BS Pine Table-8

Ski coasters and beer tasters

Been working on some prototypes lately.

First up, beer tasters,  The first one, the glasses pass through, while the second one they sit on top in recesses cut out for the glasses.  These will remain custom order only.

Dynastar Beer Taster (Pass through)-1

Dynastar Beer Taster-2

Second, coasters.  Every since I posted a picture of one coaster I made on a whim a year ago, I’ve been getting requests. These aren’t “for sale” yet, but I hope to get the process down and offer them later this year.

Coaster set-2

SIA Ski Recycling Program

Building furniture from skis apparently isn’t the only way to recycle old skis. SIA (Snowsports Industries America) has been rolling out a recycling program that is currently available in Denver, Reno, and Salt Lake City.

For more information, visit their website and checkout the video below.

Photo Courtesy of Matt H

Arch of old skis at the recent SIA Snowshow in Denver. Photo courtesy of Matt H

Now I just need to find a way to rummage through their skis before they’re pulverized.